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      • Imagynasium, well of course little has been made of this attack on the pipelines in the media here.

        But there are many points of view ….. so far all not proven but proposed by different interested parties.

        One thing you can rest assured is we’ll NEVER really know.

        But the CIA, it has been reported in Der Spiegel, warned “. . . Germany weeks ago of a coming attack on natural gas pipelines . . .”.

        The former Polish Defense Minister said it was the U.S. that was responsible for the sabotage.

        But the day before the sabotage Poland and Norway opened a new natural gas pipeline to Europe. Some have hinted of a possible timely situation and advantage for this new competitor.

        Of course the English, the Ukraine, and Poland all agreed that Russia did it themselves!

        The U.S. did not accuse Russia but seemed a bit nonchalant about the entire issue which seems a bit strange while discussing a major development of such a significant development.

        But here in the U.S. it really isn’t of that much interest …. hell, we’re getting ready for Halloween for Christ sake!


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      • It is a publicly recognized fact, that during the period in which the sabotage occurred, the US Sixth Fleet was performing military maneuvers in the Baltic Sea, as part of the “Baltops 2022” exercise, which aims to detect mines and submarine warfare. USS Kearsarge, USS Arlington and USS Gunstone Hall, were in the proximity of the area where the sabotage occurred. All this information can be found by anyone through the Marine Traffic application, where can follow live naval traffic, anywhere in the world. Considering the previous threats by Biden and Nuland, as well as the US interest in selling expensive liquefied gas to Europe, it is hard to believe that the US Sixth Fleet is there, just to provide surface protection for Polish. Ukrainians, Norwegians or Russians saboteurs, who worked under water. The only entity in Baltic Sea, that had the interest and technical capacity for this sabotage is the US Sixth Fleet. To admit that the Russians were able to do this submarine sabotage, with the entire US Sixth Fleet around, is illogical and ridiculous for what the US Marine is. The Baltic Sea is a NATO territory and for this reason, Russia is now fighting to open the southern flank, through the Black Sea, where it benefits from the tacit support of Turkey and Bulgaria, which are only formally allies of the USA in NATO.
        It is interesting that the sabotage revealed that the Nord Stream 1 gasoduct is under pressure, which means that beyond the official declarations, Germany importing gas in secretly from Russia … this says a lot about how the USA is valued in the NATO alliance and what kind of alliance is NATO, at this moment.
        What worries me is the superficiality with which this act of economic terrorism is appreciated in the USA. The negative consequences of this act, will be supported by Germany and other NATO allied countries and less by Russia, which has solutions to pivoting towards Asia.
        I don’t know how American strategists think, but this incident, treated superficially in the US, made more and more European citizens to understand who is the real enemy of the European Union.
        In the event of a direct conflict with Russia, I think that the USA will be supported only by England, Poland, Norway and the Baltic countries (which actually don’t matter) … The other NATO European allies, will be just formal, and the incident in the Baltic Sea, will matter a lot in this equation!

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  2. Imagynasium, Tubularsock thanks you for the information. Great stuff.

    Tubularsock went looking for information on this subject and found much of what you have stated.

    But Tubularsock thinks there may be even more than what is on the surface.

    So I did my blog on it. Check it out.

    And thanks for your input.



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