File 531 – Penelope

5 thoughts on “File 531 – Penelope

      • Yeah, yeah ….. Tubularsock knows first hand. Penelope and Tubularsock had a great fling going until fucking Ulysses showed up again.

        The bitch dumped Tubularsock! And for that little wimp Ulysses!

        Damn! Who has a name like Ulysses? That’s what Tubularsock would like to know!

        As for waiting for freedom and democracy to show back up, well they never have been in the first place. Easy come easy go.

        Here’s to war! Something EVERYONE can support!


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    • I think that the artist highlighted the attitude of the character, at the expense of the bodily details, which are only outlined … from wherever you look at the statue, it only expresses expectation!

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