File 534 – Woodpecker (Dendrocopos Syriacus)


6 thoughts on “File 534 – Woodpecker (Dendrocopos Syriacus)

    • I read in the European press, worrying news about the tense political situation in Peru … I hope you are not affected by the events!
      On Sunday, I will have emotions for France, in the final of the World Cup … I also sympathize with Argentina, but still, France is our representative, of the Europeans, in the final, so we have to support them!

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      • Thank you for the concern, Dan. Things are a bit uncomfortable but improving fast. Hmm, I think I’d support more France if it were more French, I don’t mean in race, simply in procedence, I recall another of their final with Argentina, where there was an Argentinian born player in the French team, I don’t think it is wrong but is hard to feel emotions for a team is representative when they celebrate for other countries around the world. He he, we had a TV show host that said we in Peru should do the same, naturalize a lot of guys and get a team of mercenaries. In any case was a great final and I think good football won, both teams fought and played to win. Marruecos and Croatia did a wonderful participation too.

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      • Dear Francis, it is a well-known fact that the former colonial empires in Western Europe are now the “victims” of their own colonies … not only France is in this situation, but also Germany, Belgium, Holland, Great Britain … the phenomenon of reverse colonization, it is present in all social and economic sectors and not only in sports … the most representative of this phenomenon is the fact that, at the moment, Great Britain has a prime minister of Indian origin … Europe, is no longer Europe at all … It became, for the most part, a multi-ethnic American colony!
        From my point of view, the best performance in this final tournament belongs to Croatia, which with a population of 3,800,000 inhabitants (roughly the population of Bucharest), manages to be in the first three places, in two consecutive editions of the World Cup … If at the 2018 World Cup, their performance seemed like an accident, the performance in Qatar seems like a miracle … Brazil has more professional football players than the entire population of Croatia.

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      • Colonization happened here in Peru five hundred years ago and because that I don’t like the idea of happening in other places. I support legal migration, but economical not much because seeing it here from Peru those that use it actually have money, as smugglers wich benefit politicians here and in the destination ask thousands of dollars. About the British prime minister I hope to be wrong and I don’t know much about him, just that replaces the lady that took it for little time, but I think that part actually could be U.S. colonialism. They are obsessed with “the first (insert whatever they label as minority) to be in (any wealthy position)” as something meaningful when those are just superficial traits. It is a long conversation anyway. In reference to football the few Argentinians and Brazilians that played for Peru loved the country and get naturalized, if they celebrated there was not a hidden t-shirt, that would look strange as they are supposed to play to win against those countries xP
        Similar to Croatia in South America is Uruguay, which is a tiny country and they are very tough and down to the earth players with love for their country. Their local football club followers are considered the best of the world for their passion.

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      • If there was a possibility to meet someday, I am convinced that we would talk for many days non-stop, because it is very interesting to discover how the world is seen, for somebody who belongs to another geographical space and who was formed in another social, cultural and economic environment … I regret that not having you closer to me!

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