File 536 – Bucharest Christmas Market


18 thoughts on “File 536 – Bucharest Christmas Market

  1. Great night photography. Impressive!
    However Tubularsock has a question.

    In the first photo the tree in the center is a mess but in the second photo the tree appears trimmed neatly. Tubularsock assumes it is a different tree down the line.

    Just wondered. Perhaps another conspiracy theory?

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    • Thank you for the appreciation … indeed, in the first two pictures there are two different trees … from Romania I wish you good health and a Merry Christmas … I hope it will not be the last Christmas in peacetime, because the conspiracy theory say that there are 70 % chances, that in 2023, Romania will officially become a combatant in the war from Ukraine!

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      • Well lets hope that Romania stands up against stupidity! And says no to war.

        The U.S. constantly starts wars so it is rare for us to be at peace. We are the biggest terrorists in the world. And always have been.

        This Ukraine mess never had to have been. The U.S. government doesn’t give a shit about the people of Ukraine or Romania and will push them into war IF your leaders are stupid ………. stupid is what we have had running our country for years.

        Stay safe, well and JUST SAY NO!

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      • Well Dan, join the crowd. Nobody ask Tubularsock or the rest of the American public if we wanted to start a war. Nearly 70% didn’t!

        But being a Democracy the 30% won.

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      • But Mister Tubi, you are wrong … not I (as an Eastern European citizen) came in the crowd, but Mister Tubi (as an American citizen) came in the crowd … Eastern Europe is made up of small states, which although have a long historical and cultural tradition, but from a military point of view, it does not represent anything at this moment … In Eastern Europe, democracy has only been around for about 30 years and there is no tradition in this sense … we are used to the dictatorships of the great powers and we learned to survive in this hostile environment … for us it is not a big difference that we are a Russian colony (as we were until 30 years ago) or an American colony (as we are now)!
        The ones who really lose are the Americans, who really had a democratic tradition, and now no longer have it … for decades, those of Eastern Europe, we looked to America as a symbol of freedom, but now we all understand that it was just “American Dreams” … it’s nothing real! This is not the path that we (as Europeans), want to follow and I hope it will only be a matter of time, until we choose another path … without neo-colonialism!

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      • Tubularsock has no augment with you on all that. But if you really take a close look at the U.S. from a historical position “America” has NEVER been a Democracy. EVER.

        That was only a sham to fool the people into compliance. The wealthy ALWAYS had direct control of the halls of government and ALWAYS made the rules.

        “American Democracy” has ALWAYS been a scam. And it worked.

        All this freedom to vote just looks good BUT THE POWERFUL directs who is picked from each party to run for the office NOT THE PEOPLE!

        And millions of dollars it takes to run for office is paid for by the powerful and wealthy.

        Always has been. That is how it is set up ………..

        The U.S. has spent its time being “the policeman of the world” but in truth is just one of the largest terrorist organizations in the world today.

        The U.S. interest isn’t people but their natural resources and in Ukraine’s case the U.S. doesn’t care a thing about the Ukraine population death rate WE WANT THEIR NATURAL RESOURCES!

        Tubularsock doesn’t see that we are that far apart in truth. Except Romania doesn’t seem interested in Ukraine’s natural resources.

        Why on earth does Romania allow the U.S. military within your country? You should be afraid of having that influence within your boarders. The U.S. will double-cross you for a buck!


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      • Mister Tubi, Romania is no longer an independent country … like the rest of Europe, it has only become an American military colony … the prime minister of Romania is a military officer who was chief of staff of the Romanian army and his only quality is that he collaborated with the American army in Nasiria (Irak War) … no one in Romania chose him (it is the same policy that the USA promoted in South America in the 80’s) … he was imposed by the Pentagon … such a character does not think about his country but promotes the interests of his protectors … contrary to the image promoted in the media, the majority opinion in Romania and Poland are against the war … we have a long history of being neighbors with Russia and we know well their strength … on the other hand, we are neighbors with Ukraine and we know well what is happening there … although it received consistent support military and financial from the west, at this moment Ukraine is a destroyed/dysfunctional country, which if it does not disappear as a state, then it will need decades to recover, after the war … we see this daily and no man with a healty mind, would not to be like in Ukraine … history tells us that Russia cannot be defeated on its own soil … can weaken it, but not defeat it … but the price will be enormous, first of all for us Europeans and then for the USA, which will lose the advantage of the dollar as international currency … I know quite well the history of the USA and I admired the fact that, with or without democracy, the USA has always quality politicians and strategists, who managed to make the USA the first power in the world … unfortunately, currently you have a generation of very weak politicians, who risk collapsing America in a few decades … It’s hard to understand how a man like Biden got to be the president of the USA … he’s just an old man who inspires pity, but it is representative of how the US is perceived from the outside … If in the 80s and 90s, we, Europeans, wanted to be with the USA, now this feeling is starting to disappear due to the foreign policy promoted by the USA, that affects us … America needs to understand that it can still win wars, but it loses its friends and someday she will be alone against everyone!

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      • Well Imagynasium, Tubularsock can’t say that there is too much to be proud of when it come to U.S. foreign policy. Our leaders have seldom had the interests of the regular people in mind.

        Though they expect us to pay for THEIR BOSSES (OUR CORPORATE OWNERS) wars of economic domination.

        Bottom line is when the choice comes up between blowing up a child or losing a drop of oil …. well, bye-bye child!

        But we rush about telling everyone that all we care about is “bringing democracy” to the people. HORSE SHIT!

        As for “our” early leaders being better than our current leaders you are correct to the point that they were more intelligent. But their self-serving ways were just as intense but covered better.

        Our entire system has exposed itself as a bought and sold corrupt system hanging on till full collapse. The general population is slowly waking up to this fact but it will take place sooner than later.

        As for the war in Ukraine which was started by the U.S. “we” don’t want peace. “We” don’t care about the Ukrainian people they are just our pawns against the Russians. “We” want the war to continue to weaken Russia …….. not going to happen.

        Anyplace the U.S. goes it brings war …… THAT IS THE FOREIGN POLICY! Disruption.

        Tubularsock’s recommends that the farther away you can get from the U.S. the better you’ll be.

        But those in your government are well invested in the U.S. power at the detriment to you and your fellow citizens.

        Tubularsock would recommend to throw the U.S. out of Romania. But your power elite have too much to lose for themselves but you as a citizen will lose.

        Thanks for keeping Tubularsock abreast of Eastern European views.


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      • As long as there are people in the USA who think like you, it means that there is still a chance to live sometime in a normal world … I am honored to be able to have this exchange of ideas with you, Mister Tubi! 😀


  2. A richness of colors, neon happiness. Wishing you a good 2023 year, Dan; and, if you celebrate, that you had a wonderful Christmas. I know it can sound almost hypocritical considering what you wrote lines above, but I think that more people is less meek to just be manipulated and can see that bad people is pushing for non-sense just because is profitable for them.

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