File 540 – Flying Machine (Anisoptera)


8 thoughts on “File 540 – Flying Machine (Anisoptera)

    • Thanks for the appreciation … these days, everyone looks to the sky for Chinese spy balloons … I wanted to be trendy and I caught a “flying dragon” … he behaved suspiciously, spied on me and surely it comes from China … but I debunked it! 😀

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    • 😀 Mister Tubi, your comment amused me a lot … if President Biden sees this post, I hope he will hire me at the CIA, as a specialist in China’s counterintelligence … there is a lot of work, because now everyone knows, that everything flies comes from China and has hostile intentions … if you meet with President Biden, say that I will gladly to accept, to work for the USA, which brings peace, freedom and prosperity to the whole world! 😀
      I send you many greetings, from the border of the war in Ukraine! 😀

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      • Wouldn’t you know, Imagynasium Tubularsock just met up with Joe yesterday and by chance just brought up your name and showed him your latest photos of the CHINESE DRAGON FLIES.

        Tubularsock is so glad you have photos because Joe immediately bomb them in the name of FREEDOM!

        At our next meeting Tubularsock will recommend you for a CIA position.

        Be waiting for an email addressed to Pho-Toe. A Vietnamese code word used by the last spy that happened to have been “eliminated” by an explosive soup.

        Hope you have better luck.

        But trust Tubularsock you will be contacted. Your code word is opps!

        Be sure to eat this reply before it falls into the wrong hands!

        And stay safe and out of Ukraine!

        PEACE FIRST!

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