File 542 – Romanian Sphinx


2 thoughts on “File 542 – Romanian Sphinx

    • Dear Francis, I have been absent from the blogosphere, because spring has come in my part of the world … I have a big courtyard and there are many things to do … I am in good health, but Romania and Europe are in a severe economic crisis, caused by the war in Ukraine … if something significant does not change in the next two years, we will be headed in an economic and political collapse and I believe that the European Union will dissolve (which many Europeans already want).
      About the “Romanian Sphinx”, I can tell you that it is the most famous natural structure from Romania, located in the Bucegi Mountains and to which, history, has consecrated the attribute of sacredness … most Romanians go at least once in their life, to charge themselves, with the positive energy of the “Sphinx”.
      But remarkable in my picture, is the yellow disk on the upper right … it is not a reflection … the yellow disk appears in several pictures, which I took with photo camera, from different angles, and it also appears in several pictures taken by my wife, with her smartphone, from different positions … there, I didn’t see that disk, until at home, when I downloaded the pictures to the computer … so, Dear Francis, it’s clearly not something natural structure … it looks like I photographed a UFO!?
      P.S. Maybe the aliens came to monitor the war in Ukraine … I hope they are smarter than us, humans and stop the disaster from Ukraine! 😀


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