Dan Cristian (version 2014)



  Hello! Welcome to my photoblog! My name is Dan Cristian. I hope to find here, pictures enough interesting, to deserve your time. I am passionate about sport, art, travel and wildlife. In this virtual space i will try to illustrate personal experiences, especially in travel and wildlife. I hope that your visit will be pleasant and share together, images, words, emotions.


  P. S. This is not a professional blog, so if somebody needs pictures from this virtual exposition, has my permission to use them anywhere wishes.

  Contact : danone.1212@gmail.com



Dan Cristian (version 2017)



20 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Hi Dan, so happy I have found your blog. Your photography is stunning and I look forward to checking out more of your posts. From a like minded traveller and lover of life in Australia.

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    • For me, the most pleasant thing in the blogosphere is when an unknown person appreciates my vision of the world. I have to thank you for this pleasant sensation. I say you welcome, in my little virtual space. I want that you feel here, like at your home! Greetings from distant land of Eastern Europe, Miriam!


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    • It is a pleasure to see that my passion for photography, offering pleasant moments for other people. Even if we are far and belong to different cultural spaces, the images have a universal language which can open channels of communication. Welcome Tammy, to my world of shapes and colors, from the farthest corner of Eastern Europe!


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  4. Dan, Tubularsock thanks you for the follow and after looking over your work will be following you as well.
    You have some magnificent work here and it is most enjoyable to view.

    Tubularsock will be dropping by soon again but at the moment Tubularsock is attempting to save the world again.
    Seems like a permanent position.


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    • I don’t think that Tubularsock, or anyone else, can save the world right now … history sometimes has “waves”, that no one can oppose … we, the people who live in small and underdeveloped countries, from Eastern Europe, have learned from the dramatic experiences of to the past, that the strategy of success is not to oppose, but to develop the skills necessary to survive, to these “waves”!
      I think this is the main reason, why the small nations of Eastern Europe, have a millennial history, while many empires have been just ephemeral, in the history of human civilization.

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      • Dan, well said. Tubularsock agrees with your overview as well as your Yin/Yang view of nonresistance.

        Tubularsock was being facetious with the “save the world” comment and if you read Tubularsock on a regular bases you’ll discovery that Tubularsock is often roguish in his descriptive points of view.

        Looking forward to wondering through your impressive body of work.

        Thanks and stay safe.

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      • Beyond the roguish, Tubularsock has a lot of courage to approach sensitive topics and express historical truths … in these times, rarely meet such a thing, especially in the USA!

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