Dan Cristian (version 2014)



  Hello! Welcome to my photoblog! My name is Dan Cristian. I hope to find here, pictures enough interesting, to deserve your time. I am passionate about sport, art, travel and wildlife. In this virtual space i will try to illustrate personal experiences, especially in travel and wildlife. I hope that your visit will be pleasant and share together, images, words, emotions.


  P. S. This is not a professional blog, so if somebody needs pictures from this virtual exposition, has my permission to use them anywhere wishes.

  Contact : danone.1212@gmail.com



Dan Cristian (version 2017)



14 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Hi Dan, so happy I have found your blog. Your photography is stunning and I look forward to checking out more of your posts. From a like minded traveller and lover of life in Australia.

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    • For me, the most pleasant thing in the blogosphere is when an unknown person appreciates my vision of the world. I have to thank you for this pleasant sensation. I say you welcome, in my little virtual space. I want that you feel here, like at your home! Greetings from distant land of Eastern Europe, Miriam!


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    • It is a pleasure to see that my passion for photography, offering pleasant moments for other people. Even if we are far and belong to different cultural spaces, the images have a universal language which can open channels of communication. Welcome Tammy, to my world of shapes and colors, from the farthest corner of Eastern Europe!


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