File 277 – China Rose (Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis)

File 276 – Scarce Swallowtail (Iphiclides Podalirius)

File 275 – Bucharest International Light Festival, SPOTLIGHT 2017

   In my previous post, I used as title the biblical syntagma, “let there by light”, because it was dedicated to the Easter celebration. Well … in my little virtual world (Imagynasium), the miracle happened and Destiny has made that the next (this) post to by, full of light and color. I missed from blogosphere and I will probably still be missing, because of problems with the internet network in the area where I live (sorry please, for the delay in answering messages … I will come back soon). During this time there were few events, where I had the chance to take hundreds of photos. The most spectacular event that I photographed in this period was, Bucharest International Light Festival, Spotlight 2017. Bucharest is not a city with an impressive architecture. Physical earthquakes (Bucharest is the European capital with the highest seismic risk … at an interval of 30-40 years, are produced earthquakes bigger than 7 degree, on the Richter scale) and political/historical earthquakes (Communist period, World War Two), have made that just few buildings from the architectural heritage of the city, to survive until our time. As a little compensation, has evolved lighting decoration of these historical buildings, through International Light Festival (Spotlight), which is to the third edition and has a great successful (more than 200,000 visitors were present at the 2016 edition). The Festival promotes and develops a form of urban art, based on video mapping and light structure. For four days, in each year, Bucharest becomes the European capital (and probably the World capital) of the light art. On the old buildings from the center of the city, light  shows are projected and making dreams to become reality. For “low light” photographers enthusiasts, the event is a true “Mecca”. In every year, thousands of photo cameras, from simple smartphones to the most sophisticated photo capture technologies, “fight” for the best position, from where can take home, pieces of this amazing “light dreams”.
    I admit … this post is too long … but the light shows were dynamic and I had to choose at least 5 pictures from each, to illustrate the light motion. Another reason for the length of posting, is because it is representative for the motto of my blog … “Imagynasium: the places where color learn to love forms”!
    And now … ladies and gentlemen … for those who love light and colors and have a few free minutes … I invite you to join me, in a little “blow mind” photo adventure … Bucharest International Light Festival, SPOTLIGHT 2017 … as seen by Imagynasium … 😀

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Energy Of Bucharest 1-Mindscape-Romania

Energy Of Bucharest 2-Mindscape-Romania

Energy Of Bucharest 3-Mindscape-Romania

Energy Of Bucharest 4-Mindscape-Romania

Energy Of Bucharest 5-Mindscape-Romania

Discoballs 1-360 Revolution-Romania

Discoballs 2-360 Revolution-Romania

Discoballs 3-360 Revolution-Romania

Discoballs 4-360 Revolution-Romania

Discoballs 5-360 Revolution-Romania

Silhouettes Party1-Les Ateliers Nomad-Romania

Silhouettes Party 2-Les Ateliers Nomad-Romania

Silhouettes Party 3-Les Ateliers Nomad-Romania

Silhouettes Party 4-Les Ateliers Nomad-Romania

Silhouettes Party 5-Les Ateliers Nomad-Romania

Fantastic Projection 1-Festival Of Lights Berlin-Germany

Fantastic Projection 2-Festival Of Lights Berlin-Germany

Fantastic Projection 3-Festival Of Lights Berlin-Germany

Fantastic Projection 4-Festival Of Lights Berlin-Germany

Fantastic Projection 5-Festival Of Lights Berlin-Germany

Abstract Macro 1-Les Ateliers Nomad-Romania

Abstract Macro 2-Les Ateliers Nomad-Romania

Abstract Macro 3-Les Ateliers Nomad-Romania

Abstract Macro 4-Les Ateliers Nomad-Romania

Abstract Macro 5-Les Ateliers Nomad-Romania

Bucharest Calling 1-Motion Lab-Romania

Bucharest Calling 2-Motion Lab-Romania

Bucharest Calling 3-Motion Lab-Romania

Bucharest Calling 4-Motion Lab-Romania

Bucharest Calling 5-Motion Lab-Romania

For Peace 1-Sedem Minut-Slovakia

For Peace 2-Sedem Minut-Slovakia

Laser Projection 1-Tom Brandus & Sylenzmedia-Romania

Laser Projection 2-Tom Brandus & Sylenzmedia-Romania

Laser Projection 3-Tom Brandus & Sylenzmedia-Romania

Laser Projection 4-Tom Brandus & Sylenzmedia-Romania

Laser Projection 5-Tom Brandus & Sylenzmedia-Romania

I love Bucharest 1-360 Revolution-Romania

I love Bucharest 2-360 Revolution-Romania

Horizontal Interference-Katarzyna Malejca & Joakim Slugocki-Poland

Noisescape 1-Teemu Maattanen-Finland

Noisescape 2-Teemu Maattanen-Finland

Noisescape 3-Teemu Maattanen-Finland

Noisescape 4-Teemu Maattanen-Finland

Noisescape 5-Teemu Maattanen-Finland

Guardians Of Time 1-Manfred Kielnhofer-Austria

Guardians Of Time 2-Manfred Kielnhofer-Austria

Guardians Of Time 3-Manfred Kielnhofer-Austria

Guardians Of Time 4-Manfred Kielnhofer-Austria

Guardians Of Time 5-Manfred Kielnhofer-Austria

Grand Hotel Boulevard 1-Art Safari & 360 Revolution-Romania

Grand Hotel Boulevard 2-Art Safari & 360 Revolution-Romania

Monolith 1-Hyperbinary-Czech Republic

Monolith 2-Hyperbinary-Czech Republic

Monolith 3-Hyperbinary-Czech Republic

Artistic Projection 1-Festival Of Lights Berlin-Germany

Artistic Projection 2-Festival Of Lights Berlin-Germany

Artistic Projection 3-Festival Of Lights Berlin-Germany

Symetry 1-Maxin10sity-Hungary

Symetry 2-Maxin10sity-Hungary

Symetry 3-Maxin10sity-Hungary

Symetry 4-Maxin10sity-Hungary

Symetry 5-Maxin10sity-Hungary

File 274 – Let there be light …

File 273 – Ilfov District, Romania, Scrovistea Lake – Norten Lappwing (Vanellus vanellus) – Amazing camouflage skills

File 272 – Rome, Italy – Piazza Navona, No. 25

File 271 – Spring Reflections