File 302 – A Nightmare Photo


File 301 – Graceful Flight

File 300 – Anniversary Posting

   … 300 posts in three years and two weeks … too many?! … too few?! … I don’t know! … but surely, this photo blog, offers me the opportunity of a wonderful experience, opening a door to my world and giving me a wide window to the outside world! I would like to thank, those who have been with me, in this amazing visual experience!
    Imagynasium … a small virtual space that shows how the world can be seen through my eyes! Certainly, my world is not just beautiful as in my photos,  but from my point of view, an artistic act is an action, who manages to produce a representation of the world and of life, at least slightly more beautiful, than is in reality. I am not an artist, because in real life I am an engineer … “my muse” is physics and “my friends” are the technologies … but my soul are artistic aspirations , because I feel an instinctive necessity to present the world, more beautiful than it really is. Photography is “an instrument”, with which I can do it!
    Being an anniversary post, I wanted to be more interesting as usual and representative for my photo blog, which has the motto “Imagynasium … This is a blog about love between colors and forms”! If it is interesting or not, representative or not, you will see, but now I invite you to an visual dance, together with Body & Dance Carnival Latino Team, from France!


File 299 – Bucharest, Romania – Street View

File 298 – Autumn Planet

File 297 – Monaco Harbour

File 296 – Bucharest, Romania – … Gravity?! … What gravity?! …