File 458 – Great White Pelican (Pelecanus Onocrotalus)

File 457 – Underwater Secrets – Northern Pike (Esox lucius)

File 456 – Magic Sunset

File 455 – Pobiti Kamani, Bulgaria – Stone Forest


File 454 – Over The World

File 453 – Servizio Gondole – Venice, Italy

File 452 – L’Annuncio (The Trinity) – Salvador Dali, 1960 – Vatican Museum

File 451 – A Star In The Sky – Luca Bertossio – World’s Best Aerial Acrobatics Pilot With Glider

File 450 – Buzludzha, Bulgaria – The place where dreams fly into the sky

Sometime … somewhere in Balkan Area, people tried to build a utopian society … they failed … their utopia collapsed into everyday reality, like a sand castle! Trying to materialize their utopia, people have built a lot and spectacular! Like the ancestors of antiquity, they built a modern “temple” on top of the mountains, so their dreams are close to the sky … their dreams could fly higher!

In the following pictures you will see a remarkable construction … does not have any practical utility and it is bigger than the Rome Pantheon … it is far from a human community … it was not an astronomical observatory or restaurant … it was just a symbol … a dream to fly in universe!

The construction was made in 1981 and today it is just a lonely ruin … nature “is laughing” by the utopia of those builders!

   After several hundred years, this building there will no longer exist … only the grandeur of nature will remain …

… but in that place, up there, I closed my eyes and for a moment, those people’s dreams seemed real … the flight seemed possible … the dream of flying to the stars, never dies!

File 449 – Mortal Beauty (Mantis Religiosa)