File 296 – Bucharest, Romania – … Gravity?! … What gravity?! …


File 295 – Dream … or reality … ?!

File 294 – Genova, Italy – House Of Christopher Columbus

   Everyone who sees this house where Christopher Columbus was born (1451), observe a discrepancy between the modesty of the house and the greatness of the facts, of the great explorer! In a metaphorical sense, it can say that in this little house, was born the big New World (1492), which starting by 1507, it will be called America!

File 293 – Bull Shark

File 292 – Helicopter IAR 330 PUMA, in air combat maneuvers …

File 291 – Morcheeba

File 290 – Homage To Barcelona’s Suffering

   Somewhere on the Montjuic hill, far from the agitation of the city, the citizens of Barcelona have chiselled in stone, the force of spiritual regeneration, for their city. This symbol pulls out of the ancient earth of Catalonia, a vital energy capable of healing any wound.  Sardana, will never be defeated by anyone, Dear Barcelona! Its roots are too deep!