File 142 – Saturn



31 thoughts on “File 142 – Saturn

      • Every time when i need to choose a name for the pictures, i thinking: “What title would choose Francis, if it were in my place?” Regarding the titles, nobody can beat you! “Saturn” is a lucky event for me! On your blog, inspired titles are common! I’m glad that you like the picture! Do you realize that is a picture taken in very difficult lighting conditions. Those birds were a gift from the gods of photographers! The title is my gratitude for her! 😀

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      • I say, that i managed to make this picture, thanks to a “heroic deed”; i had to wake up at 4 am, and for three hours i made hundreds of photos. Of course after this, while everyone have fun on the beach (Bulgarian coast), i was sleeping. It was a lost day of vacation, for me. But now, after feedback from your side, and from Tejaswi, and from Dalo, i do not regret. For this picture deserved to lose a day of my vacation! 😀

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    • Ai dreptate Aura! Scena este “arzatoare”! Avand in vedere ca pasarile acelea zburau spre soare, la urmatoarea vizita, te rog sa-ti iei cutit si furculita. Te invit la “copanele” si “aripioare” prajite! Vin?…Alb sau rosu? 😀

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      • Regret ca te-am suparat! Am o stare vesela si am facut o gluma. Poate, nepotrivita! Imi cer scuze! Te asigur ca sunt iubitor de poezie si nu distrugator! Acum a fost o exceptie nefericita.

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      • Nici vorba, m-ai amuzat. Verbul “a distruge” e cam dur, dar pe moment n-am fost destul de inspirata sa gasesc un sinonim mai blind. Fotografia e minunata, dar nu vad de ce nu s-ar putea glumi pe marginea ei. 🙂

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      • Of!!! Comunicarea aceasta, fara mimica, fara tonalitate, are capcanele ei. Se pare ca m-am prins intr-una! Iti multumesc ca m-ai salvat!!! “Ne stim” de mult timp si am avut un sentiment de tristete, crezand ca te-am suparat!

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    • Hi Steven! Welcome to the blogosphere! I’m glad that you like this photo. It is part of a series of pictures, which i make in one morning, on last summer, in the village Constantine And Elena, on the Bulgarian coast. To the file 121, on my blog, you can see another picture of this series. For me, it was a memorable photo session, in wich, the Black Sea will reveal all its beauty! Warm greetings from the distant lands of Eastern Europe!

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