File 140 – Esztrgom, Hungary – Esztrgom Cathedral – Cathedral Of Hungarian Kings

   The first cathedral was built between 1001 and 1010, by the founder of the Hungarian kingdom, Stefan I. All the Hungarian kings were crowned here. Esztergom is the oldest settlement in Hungary (972), and between 10 and 13 centuries, it was the capital of the Hungarian kingdom. The cathedral is the largest in Hungary, with an area of 5600 square meters and a height of 100 meters. Here we can find the largest painting in the world, made on canvas (13×6 meters) and an organ pipe which is the third largest in Europe, after Passau (Germany) and Liverpool (England).

Esztergom Cathedral 1

Esztergom Cathedral 2

Esztergom Cathedral 3

Esztergom Cathedral 4

Esztergom Cathedral 5


6 thoughts on “File 140 – Esztrgom, Hungary – Esztrgom Cathedral – Cathedral Of Hungarian Kings

    • The main reason that we can admire this building, is that it was built in an area with low seismic activity. Carpathians is a major seismic axis in Central and Eastern Europe. Inside the Carpathians Mountains arch, is a minor seismic activity, and outside the Carpathians Montains arch, is a major seismic activity. Romania has three major provinces: Transylvania, inside of the Carpathian Mountains, Muntenia and Moldova, outside of the Carpathian Mountains arch. Hungary bordering with Transylvania, and in this area, there are such gigantic constructions. Bucharest (which is in the province of Muntenia) is the European capital with the highest seismic risk. If this cathedral would be built in Bucharest, would not have survived more than 150-200 years. Because of this major seismic risk, Parliament Palace in Bucharest (File 63), which is the largest building from Eastern Europe, was built half in ground and half on surface. Standards for seismic protection, determine high costs to the structure of the buildings. Romania in Europe is like Chile in South America.
      P.S. The recent earthquake from Chile was felt in Juliaca? The media in Romania said that the earthquake was felt up to Buenos Aires in Argentina!!!

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      • Thank you, Dan! quite impressive reasons behind the photograph of the giant. Names with so much history.
        We didn’t felt the earthquake, the Andean Plateau is quite stable. Instead the coast has a great seismic activity due to the Nazca plate called as the region in the central coast. I entered about the earthquake as you like the newspapers. Thank your for the nice gesture to ask (y)
        Greetings dear friend.

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