File 249 – For Francis …

   This is my first post in 2017. For several days, I thought what photos to choose, for this special post. I have passion for photography for many years and in this time I collected many spectacular images. I could have used my mind and eyes to choose one or more photos, to impress, but this time I preferred to choose with my soul. I had the opportunity to meet here in the blogosphere, a remarkable man, which I consider that is my friend. It is very far from me (I live in Romania, in the Romanian Plain, at an altitude of 90 meters and he lives in Peru, in the Andes, at an altitude greater than 3000 meters), but spiritual affinity, passion for photography and for football, can surpass distances. For months, my friend is missing from the blogosphere! One of my wishes for the beginning of this year, is that he coming back! What you say Francis?!







15 thoughts on “File 249 – For Francis …

  1. Thank you, Dan. I am so sorry to have not been able to seen it in its time -_- I am afraid life got a bit harder here. The model in the Peruvian stand is from the Coast North, in Peru we are a bit like India, there are different races. We shared a more or less common culture although they had the visit of a king from the sea. We were also in the highlands connected to the sea but in another way. I hope you found something nice there, I hope you are having a wonderful year : )

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    • I’m glad that you managed, to see the post that I did it for you! I was worried about your absence, which was longer than usual. I know that your live in a difficult world … your destiny is to be there, even if it is unjust, from my point of view. Beyond this daily hardships, I’d like to think that you will remain the same noble spirit, hungry for culture, beautiful, science, sports, etc. Years will go further and I would be happy, if from time to time, you have to visit me, to let me know that you are OK! I want that you not forget; far away, on the Eastern edge of Europe, there is someone which consider you a friend and that every time when (I) enter in the blogosphere, hopes to see an precious avatar, black with orange point!

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      • Thank you, Dan. ^-^ I am doing my best to come back, and at the same time fix my life. I guess something nice will come of that. I’ll try to make a post to explain what is happening these months.
        Hopping everything is well there. Take care and greetings from the other side of the world, Dan.

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